Reap the rewards of your new


Turn your customers into your social media marketing team

Reap the rewards of your new social media strategy. Personalized referrals and word-of-mouth are the perfect recipe for increasing business.

more happy customers


Happy Customers

Promostr helps you to reward your customers for sharing positive experiences they have had at your business with their online networks.

Resulting in an even happier customer who cannot wait to return to do more business.

more word-of-mouth



Word-of-mouth is the most trusted and effective form of advertising.

Promostr enables you to use your customers' social media channels to promote your business; the perfect recipe to create your word-of-mouth multiplier.

more profits



Combining the happier customers and the power of the social network word-of-mouth multiplier resulting in increased business and more profits. Getting started with Promostr is easy. Simply sign up and away you go.

"Sherry embraced the potential of from the very beginning and took the initiative to create, design and print her own displays practically on the day she signed up! Sherry's business has been shared out to social networks over 30 times and generated over 6000 impressions on her customers social networks. "

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rewards for sharing

There is no better referral than a warm one; business grows best when it grows through word of mouth.